Millbrook Business Directory January 1876

Millbrook in January 1876

Published in the Kendall County Record, January 27, 1876.
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Some of the improvements during the past year or fifteen months are, a foundry, blacksmith shop, addition to the dry goods store, three barns, and three dwelling houses and another store is now in operation. Business is lively at the machine shop and four anvils daily ring.

Budd and Washburn have a full line of dry goods, and don't forget to look into the drug store, which is a credit to the keeper.

Dr. Sherwood is becoming quite a favorite with the sick.

Mr. Todd still receives grain and pays the highest market price for it.

Advertisement in the July 4, 1894 issue of the Kendall County Record.

"At The Restaurant"

Anyone wishing a good dish of ice cream, a glass of lemonade, sandwiches, luncheon, good bread, pies, cakes, cookies, fine candies, gum of all choice quality, a fine brand of cigars, peanuts, fruit, and almost everything found in a first-class restaurant should call on Mrs. M. E. Hollenback at her new restaurant, situated in the corner of the hotel building in Millbrook. Respectfully, M. E. Hollenback, Proprietor.

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