Millbrook Business Directory June 1875

Millbrook in June 1875

Published in the Kendall County Record, June 6, 1875
Edited an compiled by Elmer Dickson

Saturday morning we went down to Millbrook with a number of other Yorkvillains to attend Conklin's sale, knowing we could get an item. There was a large gathering, and Sheriff Newton did a good day's work as auctioneer, ably assisted by G. M. Hollenback as clerk. Things sold very reasonably, though Conklin is doubtless satisfied, as the sale brought him about $1500.

Calling at the factory we found Jim Carns selling gophers (corn cultivators) faster than nine men could put them up. They were making a fine implement. Our old friend John Boyne, of Newark, is boss painter, with Lew Brainard as assistant. The way they sling on the red paint is a caution to grasshoppers. C. D. Chapin was also actively engaged in laying out work, and he showed us a new riding gopher the firm is getting up which will be of great utility to the farmer. By changing shovels it makes a first-class cultivator. The company is making 300 gophers this season, and expects to greatly enlarge the number next year.

Of course we had to drop in and see Todd, who handles a vast amount of grain at the elevator. We wanted to see how he felt over the corn market, and found him to be on the right side this time, having "unloaded" some time ago. Todd is a favorite with the farmers over that way.

Budd and Washburne are very much crowded in their storeroom. A large building has been put up on the south side, which will soon be ready for them. When ready they will enlarge their borders and spread out their large stock so that it can be seen. "Joe" is a mighty good fellow to trade with, and Millbrook appreciates him.

Hank Chappell, at the hotel, has a house full of boarders, and his dining room was more than crowded on sale day. Warner Burton has been working at Millbrook all the spring on the new building going up.

Fred Tarbox did Station work last week while Robson was up the river. We saw friend Naden, of Big Grove at the sale. A friend with him had a beautiful windmill model. As the freight train had arrived on which we wanted to go to Millington, did not have time to look at it.

Millbrook is improving and will make a very pretty village. Mr. Jacob Budd is full of enthusiasm for his town and is bound it shall grow.

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