Fire at Millbrook, February 1888

Published in the Kendall County Record, February 22, 1888
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

The post office and hardware store owned by G. W. Greenfield burned down Tuesday morning between one and two o'clock. O. B. Larson who owns the store next to the post office and lives over the store first discovered the fire. He was awakened about one o'clock by the noise of the front of the post office falling into the street. He gave the alarm at once and in less than fifteen minutes after he discovered the fire the walls of the front part fell in. A can of powder which was in the front part of the building exploded and blew the can through the side of the store into Mr. Larson's yard. Cartridges were snapping and cracking like the firing of musketry. In a short time after the alarm was given about twenty-five men were gathered and as it was impossible to save anything from the burning building, all efforts were put forth to save Mr. Larson's buildings. If the wind had been in the opposite direction it would have been impossible to have saved them. If the store had burned, the elevator, which is full of grain, would have gone too. It is supposed that the fire caught from the stove or chimney. The stock valued at about $3,000 was insured for $2,500. The building, owned by Jacob Budd, had no insurance coverage.

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