Bristol (North Yorkville) in 1857

Published in the Kendall County Journal, January 10, 1857
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Last week we had occasion to visit the thriving village of Bristol on business. As usual we found it all bustle and activity. Many new buildings had been completed since our last visit. We observed that the large machine shop in process of being built by Messrs. Black & Brother is nearly finished. Having a little leisure we embraced the opportunity of calling upon some of the merchants and businessmen of the place.

Messrs. Arnold & Lane, dry goods and grocery merchants are doing a business, which very few country stores can equal. They have long been residents of the place and the people know how cheap they sell. Their clerks are very efficient and always ready to wait upon customers. In a week or two our readers may expect to see an advertisement from them. The ad will explain what they have and what kind of bargains can be made.

Tom Hutton is doing a smashing business in the painting line. He does his work well and at prices with which none can find fault unless they are too low.

We stepped into Mr. Boutwell's wagon shop. He was engaged in making a lot of cutters. We can safely say that they were the very best we have seen built this side of Chicago. The superior finish and artistic skill displayed in their making will cause them to be admired by all. If any of our Bristol friends were in want of a good cutter, carriage or wagon, we would recommend them by all means to purchase of Boutwell.

We found our young friends Cooper & Wheat, harness makers, busily engaged. They need no commendation from us. Their work speaks for itself.

The blacksmith shop of Robert McMurtrie was also visited. Mr. McMurtrie's reputation for horseshoeing and doing work promptly and well causes him to have plenty of work at all times.

No matter where we went, or whom we visited, we found business brisk with them all.

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