Index to Bristol Village (North Yorkville), Illinois

The north part of Yorkville was formerly known as the Village of Bristol. Even before the consolidation of the two villages in 1957, Bristol was frequently referred to as North Yorkville. To confuse the matter a bit more, many years ago the name of the village of Hunstville, north of Yorkville, was changed to Bristol Station. When Bristol and Yorkville were combined and became Yorkville, Bristol Station became Bristol.

        The community of Bristol (the former Bristol Station) is unincorporated. More and  more homes are being built in the area. As recently as 1997 a move was made to incorporate Bristol. The incorporation movement failed, probably for a number of reasons. Perhaps incorporation will occur sometime in the future. However, that is another story. This page refers to the former Village of Bristol now an integral part of the City Of Yorkville.


Map of the village of Bristol in 1870

Map of Bristol Township in 1922

Descriptive Information:

Bristol Business Directory in 1856

Bristol Business Directory in 1857

Bristol Businesses Directory in 1870

Bristol Landmark Destroyed By Fire

Partial History of Bristol Village

Bristol Public Square

Reminiscences of Dr. S. E. Willing 1888

Reminiscences of James Gale An Early Settler

Reminiscences of James A. Godard An Early Settler

Reminiscences of Susan Short May An Early Settler

Reminiscences of Sylvia Johnson An Early Settler

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