Bristol (North Yorkville) in 1856

Published in the Kendall County Journal, December 13, 1856
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

We think Bristol is one of the prettiest and the most thriving villages in the county with the exception of Plano. It is located on the west side of Fox River, in the midst of a fine rich agricultural region. The country around is very level and healthful. It is about 51 miles from Chicago, five miles from this place (Plano) and three miles from the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. It possesses many superior natural advantages, having waterpower, which cannot be equaled by any on the Fox River. The Blackberry Creek empties at this place. Two dams have been constructed across it, and a flouring mill with three runs of stone and a sawmill have been erected. On the river there is another flouring mill with four runs of stone, a sawmill, and a large machine shop now in the process of being built.

Bristol has three stores, three blacksmith shops, two wagon shops, one cooper shop, two churches and one good schoolhouse. Many private residences were built during the past summer and many more will be put up next season. The Chicago, Amboy & U. Mississippi Railroad when built will greatly stimulate the various branches of trade and materially assist building up the place.

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