Solon S. Boomer's Obituary

Was Truly Veteran Farmer & Soldier

Published in Kendall County Record, November 14, 1923

With the death of Solon S. Boomer, last Wednesday morning, another valiant soul has along to join the big army of loved ones who wait us on the Other Side. Again the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic have been invaded and a veteran member called from the file. Once more the list of surviving pioneers of Kendall County has been made smaller and the number of the older generation has been lessened by the call of death. Mr. Boomer was in truth an early settler of Bristol Township, coming from the east to this location with his father's family in 1851. Almost continuously this excellent man has made his home in the community, a model of thrift and good farming. He was born in Charlton, Massachusetts, October 26, 1837, the son of Martin and Lydia Boomer, who represented staunch New England stock of Americanism. Their forefathers had settled in that state in 1656. The late Mrs. Boomer, representing the sixth generation to be born in this country.

After working for ten years with an uncle on the farm in Bristol, Solon S. Boomer enlisted in Company H, 89th Regiment Illinois Volunteers, and served valiantly till the close of the war. As a prisoner at Andersonville, he suffered the horrors of that prison for eight months, but joined his regiment immediately upon his release and finished the conflict with honors.

For several years after the war, Mr. Boomer was engaged as superintendent of construction for a Chicago bridge company, leaving this work in 1878 to return to Kendall County. He located on the homestead midway between Yorkville and Bristol Station. The wedding of Mr. Boomer and Miss Lois C. Barnes was solemnized March 28, 1867. This good helpmate is left to mourn the loss of a loving and kind husband. With her in sorrow are the children: Miss Jessie Boomer, Henry R. Boomer, Mrs. Mabel B. Arnold and Mrs. Edith L. Lyon.

The last sad rites over Mr. Boomer were held from the Yorkville Federated Church before a group of friends and relatives who represented the early settlers of Bristol Township. The gathering was really a reunion of those who had known Mr. Boomer from his young manhood, had fought with him in the war, or their children. Wallace McCloud was present to pay respects to his comrade, he being the last survivor of Company H, 89th Illinois. Other Grand Army representatives were Barney Phillilps, B. F. Herrington, Henry Chappell and John R. Marshall. Reverend Dr. Lloyd of Wilmette had charge of the services and spoke briefly in a wonderful message of cheer and comfort to the bereaved ones. His service was greatly augmented by the singing of Graydon Clark, accompanied by Mrs. Shaw. The selections were well given. Interment was in Elmwood Cemetery in the family lot in which are resting several generations of the Boomer family.

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