Andrew Brown's Obituary

Andrew Brown

Published in Kendall County Record, September 8, 1915

Andrew Brown's parents came from the province of Ontario, Canada in 1843 and settled three miles east of Newark where their second son, the subject of this sketch was born on April 4, 1844.

In April 1861, at the age of 17, Andrew Brown enlisted in the 20th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers and served in the army three years and three months. This army service permanently impaired his health. He participated in many battles. At Raymond, Mississippi, May 12, 1863, he was seriously wounded and taken prisoner. He remained in the enemy's hands six weeks, when he made his escape and returned to the regiment at Vicksburg. He carried on his body through life four gunshot marks as a memento of the great conflict.

After the war he attended school at Fowler Institute Newark, and at Oberlin, Ohio. He received the degree of Bachelor of Laws from the University of Michigan. He was always greatly interested in education and encouraged young people in that direction. He taught school several years and then turned his attention to farming.

In 1906, Mr. Brown underwent a dangerous surgical operation. In 1909, another, and in August 1915, a third proved fatal. He was weak, and the nervous shock was too much for him. His death occurred at the St. Charles Hospital, Aurora, August 20, 1915.

Mr. Brown was a good scholar, a thinker, and a man of high ideals. He did his own thinking. He was generous to a fault, spending freely for anything that was for the good of the community. He leaves after him in the land of the dying, two brothers, two sisters, six nephews and five nieces.

At the Millington Cemetery, September 1, the body was committed to the ground by the chaplain of St. Charles Hospital. After which, there was at the open grave a brief address by Rev. A. O. Mortvedt of Newark…. There was a large a assemblage of friends and neighbors at the grave to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of a good man and good citizen.

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