Reunion of Company K, Twentieth Illinois in 1891

Published in Kendall County Record, September 30, 1891

The reunion of Company K, 20th Illinois Infantry, took place Thursday on the fair grounds. Those present, with their wives, took dinner with the W. R. C. Comrade Andrew Brown furnishes the following report.

At the late reunion thirteen men of Company K, 20th Illinois Volunteers answered to roll call as follows:

Barnard, Barrows, Bissell, Brown, Dyer, Hagerman, Jennings, Kilmer, William Preston, Luman Preston, Rockwood, Taylor, Wilson.

Of these thirteen, five had been shot in battle one or more times. Five had served in the field for more than four years and two of the others for more than three years. One of the number is a businessman, one a lawyer, two are physicians, three are farmers and the other fellows follow various pursuits. Three were born in Kendall County and six now live in the county. Four belong to the church and all the others except one are brothers-in-law to the church. All perhaps are fairly temperate.

These old soldiers had much to talk about and the day was altogether too short. They talked about comrades of other days who were slain in battle, and whose remains molder in the soil of the southern states. They talked about their marches, skirmishes and battles, about bushwhacking in Missouri in 1861. They talked about Fort Donelson and bloody Shiloh, about Vicksburg and Atlanta. They especially about the desperate fight over the rail fence at Raymond where eight men of the company were killed and many others wounded. The survivors of Company K, are by no means a set of vain men. There is, however, one thing they are willing to confess that they are proud of. That is their war record.

One member proposed that we discontinue our annual company reunion as a separate meeting and meet only at regimental reunions. This proposition did not even receive a second. Officers were received for the ensuing year. A Committee of Arrangements was named and Newark was selected for the meeting in 1892. Before adjournment, interesting letters were read from many of the absent members of the company.

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