Reception at Newark

Published in Kendall County Record, August 3, 1865

Last Tuesday the citizens of this place and vicinity turned out and gave Company K, 20th Illinois Volunteers, a warm reception and hearty welcome home. The company arrived here at 2:30 P. M. and were escorted to the grounds prepared for the occasion just north of the village. Everything about the grounds was arranged with order and neatness, in good taste and style. The tables were loaded with good things. Suspended over the same were the following mottoes!"

"To Our Conquering Heroes!" and

"Welcome Soldiers To the Banquet Prepared for You!"

A little to the west was the speaker's stand decorated with the Stars and Stripes and appropriate mottoes.

The first thing in the order of exercises was the call to dinner. Which call the boys were not slow in responding to, for not having eaten since leaving Chicago, they partook of the rich viands with a hearty relish. All returned soldiers of other regiments were present upon the occasion. They were also provided the dinner.

After having satisfied the inner man, the boys withdrew to the stand. Rev. W. H. Smith made the reception speech, which was replied to by Prof. A. J. Anderson on the part of the soldiers. The choir then sang one of their choice pieces. After which Albert Cook, Esq. as toastmaster read several toast to the soldiers.

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