Orville Wormley Beebe

Obituary of Mr. Beebe

Kendall County Record, February 23, 1921.

Through unavoidable circumstances the publishing of this obituary of the late Mr. Orville W. Beebe, who died at his home on the north side February 1, has been delayed and we offer it at this date as a final tribute to a man who was a close friend and a man in every sense of the word.

Orville Wormley Beebe, the fourth son of Alonzo and Elizabeth (Wormley) Beebe was born December 24, 1848 on the home farm in Oswego Township. He was, as he said, a Christmas present to his family. From the age of nine he was self supporting. The Civil War started when he was thirteen and, fired with patriotism he enlisted three or four times, but because of his age and the fact that he had three older brothers in the service, his father opposed his going and had his enlistment canceled. Later, however, Orville told his father he had "hired out" and then enlisted in the Navy September 17, 1864. He served on the U. S. Moose for two enlistment periods and was honorably discharge from U. S.  Great Western Naval Service August 22, 1865. The four Beebe brothers returned to civil life, each to build a home for himself in the land of the free.

Mr. Beebe and Miss Susan E. Smith of Plattville were married July 26, 1866 and started farming. Nine years later they purchased a farm in Kendall Township where they lived for twenty-eight years. The sold this home to Mr. Clayton and purchased the John R. Marshall residence in Yorkville where they have lived for eighteen years.

Mr. Beebe was a leader in affairs which he considered right. His judgment was nearly always correct.  He was influential in organizing the Farmers State Bank of Yorkville in 1915 and one of the directors at the time of his death.

Surviving this excellent man are his widow and four brothers. Of the three who served in the Civil War, Henry died four years ago at his home in Iowa; John of Los Angeles; and Orseamus of Iowa are living. There are two younger brothers, LeGrand of Yorkville and Jerome of Los Angeles. Of the three sisters, Mrs. Jeanette Large of Los Angeles alone survives.

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