Yorkville GAR Post 522 Memorial Day 1911

Picture taken outside Kendall County Courthouse.


Seated: Left to Right
    Myron Charles Skinner       Pvt. Co. E, 36th IL INF
    William Franklin Donovan   Major, Co. F, 105 US Colored INF
    Franklin Moody Hobbs      Capt. Co. H, 89th IL INF
    John Redman Marshall       Pvt. Sturgis Riffles
    Charles McNair Hill            Cpl. Co. K, 127th IL INF

Standing: Left to Right
    Samuel Hagerman              Orderly Sgt. Co. K, 20th IL INF
    Orville Wormley Beebe      Navy
    Frank W. Pinney                Musician Co. E, 124th IL INF
    Solon Smith Boomer          Sgt. Co. H, 89th IL INF
    Alexander Patterson           Cpl. Co. H, 89th IL INF
    Henry Chappell                  Pvt. Co. A, 156th IL INF
    Edwin E. Howes                Cpl. Co. K, 20th IL INF
    John Fitzgerald                   Pvt. Co. C, 53rd IL INF
    Wallace McCloud              1st Sgt., Co. H, 89th IL INF
    William T. Linn                   Pvt. Co. C, 69th IL INF &  Pvt. Co. E, 91st IL INF
    Barney H, Phillips               Pvt. Co. A, 64th IL INF
    John Cooper                      Pvt. Co. M, 10th IL CAV (Cons)
    Robert N. Buck                 Co. D, 25th OH INF
    Benjamin F. Herrington      Cpl. Co D, 17th MI INF
    George M. Manley             Cpl. Co. M, 3rd NY Light ART

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