The Old Settlers' Picnic 9-13-1899

Old Settlers Meet, Young Settlers Not Barred

Compiled and Edited by Elmer Dickson.
Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, September 13, 1899.

The Old Settlers' Association picnic of 1899 was held in conjunction with the Kendall County Fair at Yorkville, September 6, 1899.

The early settlers of Kendall County held their meeting Wednesday afternoon, September 6th on the dancing platform, under a canopy, and were comfortably seated to the number of a hundred or more. It was a most successful event for the elderly people. They had things all to themselves and enjoyed the family gathering. Remarks were made by the Honorable Wright Adams of Sheridan, Mrs. Delia Aldrich 'Galva', C. J. 'Oliver' Havenhill, Thomas Jefferson Phillips, Edmund S. Seely and others.

President McClelland had charge of the affair and was much pleased that the experiment of having it on the Fair day was so successful. He has relinquished his office to Edmund Seely of NaAuSay, who was elected President for the coming year, and Robert G. Leitch, Esquire, of Kendall was chosen Secretary and Treasurer. These gentlemen will have the work in hand for next year's meeting.

It was shown that the issuance of free tickets to those who had lived in this county for fifty years was no loss to the Fair Association, as the receipts on Wednesday were a hundred dollars more than they were on that day last year. Whether the next gathering will be on a Fair day rests with the new officers.

Henry Smith of Oswego, the business man at the railway station there, came to Yorkville Wednesday with an 'old settlers' ' ticket to admit him to the Fair. Those tickets were given to people who had lived in Kendall County fifty years. 'Hank' thought he had lived here that long, but when he saw some of his relatives and counted up while on the Fair Grounds, found he had only been here forty-nine years. This fact so rattled him that he went to the ticket office and bought a ticket and had it deposited in the box. Honest lot of fellows, these railroad men.


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