The Old Settlers' Picnic 8-30-1899

Notices of the Fair.

Old Settler's Day at the Kendall County Fair Next Wednesday. The Crowd Should Be Immense.
Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, August 30, 1899.
Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

President McClelland has been criticized because he has appointed an adjourned meeting of the Old Settlers' Association for Wednesday of the county fair, but it doesn't matter. It rained on the day originally established for the old settler's picnic, and there was only one of two things to do. Either abandon the organization; or have it at the Fair Grounds, and try and help the old settlers and the Fair at the same time.

The plan is to give tickets to all who have lived in Kendall County fifty years or more. Some object to this plan because they think all should pay to get into the Fair. There will not be over three hundred tickets used, which would amount to about $100.00 if paid for. With each ticket given away it is probable that one or two will be sold. A Wednesday is generally a negative day at the Fair, there will be a gain in the gate receipts.

Anyway, it is an experiment. If it is a failure it won't hurt much, and if it is a success it will be a feature of every Fair as it is in McHenry County. Let the experiment be tried. It is backed by more than the President of the Old Settler's Society. The old people of several towns of the county have become interested in the matter. The Society pays a hundred dollars to have a horse trot ten or fifteen minutes, and to give the old folks of Kendall Count a hundred dollars worth of tickets will not bring the Fair Association any nearer to bankruptcy.

Old Folks! Young Folks! Turn out to the Fair next Wednesday and make this experiment a success; not for the purpose of making money for anyone, but for the glory and honor of Kendall County.

Notice to Old Settlers.

Tickets to the Old Settler's Picnic may be had by calling on the Vice-Presidents of the associations in your respective towns. Those failing to procure tickets can get them from Mr. A. P. Hill at his store in North Yorkville. Please leave name and year of coming to Kendall County, or if born here so state. No tickets to the picnic will be given at the gate to the grounds. It is earnestly requested that you get your ticket before coming to the Fair Grounds and thus avoid delay. Signed: R. A. McClelland, President.

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