Mrs Jacob Larson

Originally published in the Kendall County Record Apr 11, 1900.
Transcribed by Jane Willey-Fey

After many months of suffering and patient waiting, Mrs. Jacob Larson passed from earth to her home above on Friday morning, five o'clock. The funeral was held at her late home at 10 o'clock Monday and later at the Helmar church, where interment followed, all the members of her family resting there. This sturdy mother in Israel was one of the early timers and sturdy workers, commencing her labors in the Lord's vineyard many years past. She was one of the homespun make-all domestic and devoted to her duties as wife, mother and Christian neighbor. A member of the family kindly furnishes us with a sketch of her life, that was written much better than we could do and to which we add a very little: Mrs. Alice Larson was born December 1, 1823, in the parish of Skaanevig, diocese of Bergen, Norway. She was baptized and confirmed in the same parish. When about twenty years old, Alice Sjursdatter (her maiden name) was converted to her God and Savior, a blessedness which we hope followed her through the burdensome life in many cases and at many places to her last hour. When about 30 years old she was married to Mikkel Anderson Rondo, widower, with six children, the youngest being six years old. In her first marriage they had five children. William and Tom, 14 and 27 years old respectively, died October 14, 1870, and December 8, 1889. In the spring of 1857 they migrated to America. The first summer they lived with her brother, Wier Weeks, one mile west of Helmar. In the fall they moved one half mile north of Helmar, on Andrew Anderson's farm. June 13, 1863, her first husband died, aged 50 years. In the spring of 1872 she was married to Jacob Larson then living one mile north of Helmar, the place now owned by Tolef Nelson. Two years later they moved one half mile west of Lisbon. In the spring of 1891 they moved to the village of Lisbon, where they resided until her death, Saturday morning, April 7, 1900. Those who are left to mourn her are, first, her patient and faithful old partner, her husband; a son, Severt Michaelson, a worthy and respected citizen of the fourth ward; Mrs. Severt Marley, of Seward, and Mrs. Betsy Larson, at home.

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