John K. Johnson

"The Pioneers Whose Lives Are Spared"

Written by Andrew L. Brown
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

John K. Johnson, Kendall County Record, February 14, 1906

Next in point of age though not in point of residence here is John K. Johnson. He was born in the parish of Hjelmeland near Stavanger, Norway, September 14, 1820. He married in 1847 and four of his ten children were born in the old country. He came to America in 1837 and lived for four years in the grove north of Newark on the road to Millington. Then he lived a year at the mouth of Indian Creek in LaSalle County. He then moved to Big Grove timber a little east of Newark and settled down on a small place where he remained for more than 30 years. His wife died in 1897 after they lived together half a century. Since that time he has been living quietly with his son-in-law in Newark. The old gentleman talks entertainingly of the past, though with a tinge of sadness. He speaks English pretty well for a man who first took it up at thirty-seven years of age.

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