Description of White Willow

Compiled by Elmer Dickson

White Willow was five miles east of Lisbon and ten miles north of Morris. It was not a village but a rural district. It was located in sections 25 and 36 of Lisbon Township at the intersection of present day Whitewillow and Church Roads. Nothing remains of White Willow that would identify the place to the casual observer. At one time White Willow enjoyed a general store with post office and blacksmith shop.

The Whitewillow post office was first named Ohio Farm. On February 10, 1863, the name was changed to White Willow. It continued to be White Willow until the name was changed to Whitewillow November 16, 1895. The Whitewillow post office was discontinued November 9, 1908. With the closing of the Whitewillow post office, mail service to Whitewillow patrons became part of Rural Route # 2, Minooka.

Prior to the opening of the Whitewillow store the post office had been located in the various postmaster's homes. When the Whitewillow store opened in 1899, the post office was moved to the store. Mr. and Mrs. Lucius W. Darnell operated the store until 1903 when Mr. and Mrs. "Dell" Washburn assumed the business. They continued in that capacity until 1910 when they sold out to Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Flatness and daughters Winifred and Lillie.

In 1899, John and Fred Atlee built a new blacksmith shop close to postmaster Darnell's store. Kendall County Record, Nov 15, 1899.

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