Leggettville Seward Township History

Seward Township

Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson


Kendall County Record, August 19, 1880

Leggettville is the name of a new village springing up in the Town of Seward, east of the Seward Town Hall. A farmer by the name of Leggett has built a large store building with a fine 40 X 60 feet hall in the second story for mass meetings and the like. It will soon be opened with a stock of merchandise. We admire the public spiritedness and are glad Seward is going to have a village of its own. We are indebted to R. B. Wight of Plainfield, who is doing the painting on the store for the facts.

Editors' Notes

"Springing up" was a bit optimistic, as the village of Leggettville never did get off the ground in any meaningful manner. The hall was used for social functions and dances long after the store closed. To many residents of Seward's chagrin the hall was also used for prize fights, which were illegal. This was during the era when fighters would go at each with bare knuckles.


A Bloody Prize-Fight in our Model Town

Kendall County Record, August 1, 1894

The Joliet Republican of July 24 contains this. All of Joliet's sports, about 150, were chock full of signs, countersigns and grips Monday afternoon and the password was Leggett's. By six o'clock every livery stable was emptied of rigs.

A colored man named Lehman of this city, and Scotty, also colored, of Chicago, was pitted for a prize fight. A Joliet all around sport arranged the fight. The stakes were $70 and gate money. Bill Leggett's hall in Troy hollow, Kendall County, eleven miles from this city was the battleground. The hall was filled to suffocation with spectators who had paid $1 each for the privilege of seen two men maul each other to pieces. Both men were declared to be in the pink of condition and fought like demons. Enough blood flowed to please the most exacting.

Seven rounds were fought, in which Scotty was the victor. Joliet's contingent straggled into the city this morning about half past four. The only good thing they did was to discover the fire in the rear of T. J. Kelly's barn and give the alarm.

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