Plano Manufacturing in 1868

Published in the Kendall County Record, January 9, 1868
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

The first day of 1868 was very quietly observed in Plano. Although a New Year was commenced, no new features presented themselves on this occasion. Business was all the same, all the stores were running. The reaper factory was in full blast although some of the boys were off duty in consequence of it being "Happy New Year," and the anticipated party at the Excelsior Hall. It is said that "as the day goes the first day so goes all the year," but it is a mistake. Lee Steward and Denslow Henning commenced the year with a game of checkers, and young Hank Smith sat in their office entrenched behind a big tax book, making himself very familiar to every man who comes in and is suspected of having any money. This program will play out when Hank gets all our money, then he will be generous enough to quit.

July first will present a new phase. Four hundred and fifty Marsh Harvesters, made at this shop, new, handsome and desirable, will be ready for shipment from Maryland to Missouri, commanding their $225 each. In aggregate, $90,000. A handsome row of figures for a town like Plano to produce from raw materials.

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