Plano in November 1866

Published in the Kendall County Record, November 22, 1866
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Plano, one of the liveliest and most progressive towns of its size in the northwest, is still flourishing like a green bay tree. Its streets are the very embodiment of life, and its stores the great emporium of trade in that section of Kendall County. It is surprising that a town the size of Plano can get the large amount of trade that pours in, in an endless stream, from the countryside surrounding it. But it is so.

About 80 rods from the village, on the Bristol Road on Big Rock Creek, the gristmill and tannery are in progress of reconstruction. The ruins of the old buildings have given place to substantial stone structures.

As you drive into Plano, Bullock's new frame block strikes the eye quite favorably, as you generally see a number of teams hitched in front. From external appearances you would judge that they did a smashing business in the three stores contained therein. They are Morse & Smith, druggists, Darnell & Conklin grocers, and Bullock and Givens, general dealers. Directly opposite is the foundry and machine shop of Steward and Marsh, where they are preparing for the manufacturer of 200 reapers for the next harvest season. It is complete throughout, and no doubt they will do a big business.

The stores of G. A. & C. W. Beck, A. Steward, Smith & Evans, and Beebe & Jones are as good as any that can be found west of Chicago.

The Messrs. Beck have a very nice store where they always have on hand dry goods and a good stock of boots and shoes, which they make a specialty.

Mr. A. Steward has one of the neatest stores we were ever in. He has an immense stock of dry goods, clothing, ladies furs, etc., and customers will always find obliging clerks to wait upon them.

The hardware store of Beebe & Jones is well filled with stock that will defy all competitors. They specialize in agricultural implements, revolvers, cutlery, and builder's hardware.

Everyone can see that Plano is bound to grow. Who knows but what one day it may outgrow its neighboring towns and cities. Which event is not only possible, but highly probable. If it goes on as it has for the past year, it will not be so long as supposed.

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