Plano in November 1853

Published in the Aurora Guardian, November 9, 1853
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Perhaps some of our readers are aware that there is such a place as Plano, Kendall County, on the Aurora Extension Railroad, 14 miles from this place. The township in which it is located is the best timbered in the county. As for the richness of the soil, the number and hugeness of the stacks of grain awaiting the arrival of threshers, is sufficient proof.

It has been a few weeks since the first store house were erected. Now six others are occupied for different purposes. A commodious tavern is being put up with all possible haste. The elegant and substantial freight house is nearly finished. The foundation of the largest passenger house on the Extension is ready for the timber. Mechanics can then have a home cheap, and be well paid for their labor. There is in the deeds, a provision that no liquor, as a beverage, can be sold on the lots. No lot can be bought for the purpose of speculating, thus keeping at bay land speculators. As a good neighbor, let our merchants have an eye to this new town, and attract the merchants and traders to exchange their produce for merchandise.

Editor's note: the Aurora Extension Railroad referred to is one of the various early names of the future Burlington Railroad.

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