Plano in June 1866

"Come to Plano"

Published in the Kendall County Record, June 7, 1866
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Those who contemplate locating in some healthy business town on the railroad will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. Plano is a pleasant, healthy and clean place. It has the best of schools consisting of three departments. There is within the corporate limits, over seven thousand feet of good new plank sidewalks from four to five feet wide. Most of the sidewalk is shaded with beautiful young shade trees.

We have a new reaper factory manufacturing one hundred reapers this season. The factory will be enlarged to a capacity of 500 machines the coming season. This will afford good opportunities for mechanics, who may desire to locate in the place.

Next in order we have a tannery a quarter of a mile from town, where from four to six thousand dollars worth of leather is made annually.

We have a good variety of stores where all classes and qualities of goods may be found of which our merchants are selling from $1,100 to $1,800 worth every day.

Our grain dealers pay the highest market price for grain. The fact that they are shipping from two to four thousand bushels of grain daily proves the point.

Last, though not least in consequences, the patrons say we have the best hotel on the line, from Chicago to Burlington.

We are erecting from twenty to thirty new buildings this year, mostly dwellings. The best building lots are sold for $50 each. Therefore if any desire a pleasant home where all these facilities are sought, come to Plano.

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