Oswego in July 1867

Published in the Kendall County Record July 25, 1867
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Oswego is still making improvements. Among them is a new cheese factory on the west side of the river. Messrs. Roe and Seely have fit up the old stone machine shop into a neat and thorough factory for the manufacture of cheese. These gentlemen are both from the renowned dairy district, Orange County, New York. Mr. Roe has been twelve years in the milk and cheese business, and understands it in all its branches.

On Tuesday we called on him and he showed us the operation of the factory. He gave us much general information in regard to dairies. He is gentlemanly and pleasant. The factory began operation on May 6 of this year and has been constantly at work since. Everything about their establishment is clean and fresh.

Some scamp entered the cheese factory through an open window on Monday night and stole some currency from the drawer.

Though their business is light at present, we expect to see a large and flourishing factory there before another year. These gentlemen mean to stick to it.

The bridge crossing the river at this place has been condemned by the Highway Commissioners. The lower timbers have rotted. A new iron bridge is talked of to cost about $13,000.

Main Street is alive with masons and carpenters getting up the new brick block, which is to be completed this fall.

L. N. Hall has his drug store fitted up almost as good as in the old place, and when he gets into his new store it will be perfectly splendid. Hall takes great interest in his business, and will do well anywhere. Mr. Fred Coffin dispenses groceries to the people as he has done these many years.

The worthy postmaster, Mr. Lawrence Rank, continues to place us under obligation by getting subscribers for our paper. He will be rewarded, if not her, hereafter.

Since the fire the Odd Fellows have met in the Mason's hall. The lodge is in a flourishing condition.

The wheat harvest has commenced, and there is promise of good grain.

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