Oswego Business Directory in 1875

Published in the Kendall County Record, May 6, 1875
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Notwithstanding the disagreeable weather the past week, our people bore themselves gently and serenely. Business was also quite active. Haight and the Hawley Brothers did a large trade in general merchandise. The milliner store, the favorite place of the ladies, is fixed up nicer than ever. Its business is rapidly increasing both in the salesroom and dressmaking department. Furniture was carried away by the wagonloads from Shaver's establishment. At the hardware store, all hands were busy from morning to night. L. N. Hall was busy dispensing drugs, paints and notions. The post office received its usual patronage. The postmaster is also agent for two Atlantic Steamship lines, the White Star and Anchor. The grocery merchants enjoyed a good trade. Coffin and Son renovated their store and rearranged their goods. The shoe stores did a good business and so did Lockwood in the harness line. The restaurant had a good run of custom. The saloons kept pace with the rest. The butchers furnished excellent meat. The depot was all animation. VanDoozer was very active in his barbarous business. The boarding house did unusually well. The livery stable had its share of customers. Samse and Jones are turning out the latest style of spring suits for men and boys as fast as they can. The painters are making a great change in the appearance of some of our houses. The homes of Rank and Maxam have been painted Bismarck brown. The Wesley Edwards home has been painted in cottage brown. The windmill men have been active and the lightning rodders are all out. The lawyers and doctors are up and doing well except Dr. Putt whom is down nursing a cold. Newton was occupied with judiciary and collection matters. The insurance agents were not idle. Mechanics of every kind had all the work they could do. Gardeners were in great demand and all other pursuits of industry were prosperous.

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