Newark Hotel Burns in 1875

Published in the Kendall County Record, May 2, 1878
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

The Newark Hotel burned to the ground Saturday morning, April 27th. The fire originated from a defective flue, and was communicated to the tar roofing which had been re-covered by shingles. The fire smoldered in the roofing until it burst forth beyond control. In an hour the building was reduced to ashes. The furniture and other movable articles, and many of the doors and windows were saved.

Mr. Irus Coy, who owned the building, meets with a total loss, as there was no insurance. Mr. D. A. Munger's house, in close proximity to the burning building, was in great danger. The furniture even to the piano was removed and considerable damage was done to the house. By constant exertion the flames were stayed from farther progress. The Hotel premises have been used for that purpose for many years. In 1836, Walter Stowell built a tavern there. In 1840, the rear of the recent hotel was erected. The main part of the hotel was added twenty years ago. Thus, for 42 years that has been the hotel corner. In old stagecoach days the hotel saw lively times. Now no more shall the halls re-echo to the tread of mirth and gayety. Nor recall to memory scenes of sadness and grief. The old hotel is no more. Where life and business so lately reigned is naught but desolation.

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