Millington Business Directory in August 1899

Sketches of the Hustling Merchants of that Thriving Village

Published in the Kendall County Record, August 30, 1899
Edited & compiled by Elmer Dickson

Harrington House

In reviewing the interest of this flourishing village we would say that Millington possesses very satisfactory hotel accommodations, which are furnished by the Harrington House. The hotel is located directly opposite the depot, D. A. Harrington, proprietor. This gentleman has been a resident of this section of the county for the last sixty years, and has conducted the hotel for five years. The house furnishes accommodations for both local and traveling guests at reasonable rates. This gentleman is also a skillful veterinary surgeon. His specialty is treatment of ringbones, spavins, curbs and sweemies, for which he has a never-failing cure. Dr. Harrington is the only veterinarian in this part of the state having this remarkable remedy. The remedy does not fail to effect a permanent cure, and can be applied by anyone following directions. Dr. Harrington obtained these remedies from a noted English veterinarian. He has frequent calls for this remedy from parties who have known him in different states. He manufactures and has the remedies for sale. Anyone wishing a complete cure will do well to write or call upon him.

F. T. Rolph

One of the progressive and substantial businessmen of Millington is the gentleman mentioned above, dealer in grain, lumber and coal. It is now about six years since Mr. Rolph established in business here. The success he has met has been very satisfactory. He has built up an extensive business, which is widely known, to the people of this section of the state. He is always in the market; prepared to pay to the farmer the highest prices for grain, having made this point an excellent grain market. He does a large business in lumber and building material, buying from the leading manufacturers. His yard is always supplied with all kinds of rough and dressed lumber, shingles, lath, sash, doors, blinds, and all kinds of building materials. He is thoroughly prepared for the season's coal trade, having on hand a good stock of hard and soft coal. He is an honorable and upright businessman, and is held in high regard by the people.

S. E. Foster

Millington possesses the advantages of a popular and flourishing drug establishment, of which special mention should be made in our review. The proprietor, Mr. Foster, is a highly esteemed businessman. This establishment represents the most advanced condition of the drug trade. He has been established here a number of years, and he has always commanded a large patronage. Not only an honorable businessman, he is also a competent druggist and pharmacist. The public finds it advantageous in dealing here. He buys from the most reliable manufacturing establishments. The store is a model of neatness and taste, and thoroughly up with the times. He carries a full line of all kinds of pure drugs, druggists sundries, the leading proprietary medicines, stationery, fancy goods, paints, oils, etc. He also carries poultry and cattle food as a specialty.

C. H. Miller

Prominent mention should be made in our review of the business interests of Millington of the popular and flourishing business carried on by Mr. Charles H. Miller, dealer in lumber, agricultural implements, paints, oils, etc. This gentleman has been a resident of this community for many years and is well and favorably known. During the comparatively short time he has been conducting his business he has built up a most satisfactory trade. He adopted the cash system, and by so doing has been able to sell at the very lowest prices. His yard is known as one of the best places in the county to buy lumber, paints, oils, lime, cement, and all building materials. Anyone contemplating building will do well to call on him.

L. M. Watters

In reviewing the business interests of Millington we wish to make prominent mention of the popular and flourishing cash store of L. M. Watters. This is a splendidly stocked general store, doing an extensive trade, and conducted in a capable and enterprising manner. The store is known as one of the most desirable and advantageous places at which to deal in the county. A large and superior stock is carried. Included are all kinds of general merchandise such as dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps and fancy goods. Good merchandise, honest prices and fair dealing are the motto of the business. Mr. Watters is a businessman held in high regard by the people.

N. Marco

We come next in our review to Millington's popular meat market, conducted by the above name gentleman. Mr. Marco is one of the progressive and well-known businessmen of Millington. He has been established here a number of years, and has always supplied the town with a satisfactory market. He thoroughly understands the business and the public always find at his market the best of all fresh meats in their seasons. In addition, he carries sausages, pure lard and cured meats. His prices are always reasonable. He also handles fresh bread and the famous Collins ice cream. Mr. Marco has a refrigerator wagon constantly on the road.

George French

Another establishment of which we wish to make special mention in our review is that carried on by Mr. George French, manufacturer of brooms, brushes, etc. Mr. French has been established in the broom business for many years, and has the advantage of this long experience. His shop is well equipped with the latest appliances. He manufactures a very superior article, selling at both wholesale and retail. His brooms and whisks are in constant demand, and always give the highest satisfaction wherever used.

Mrs. M. N. Whitney

Having reviewed the various business places of Millington, we would next say that the postal facilities are conducted in the most satisfactory manner, under the charge of the fully qualified postmistress, Mrs. M. N. Whitney. In connection with the post office, Mrs. Whitney carries a very nice stock of confectionery, and makes a specialty of schoolbooks, stationery, etc.

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