Fox Station in 1896

Fox Station

Extracted from "Kendall's Beauty" by Joseph R. Adams, editor
Published in the Kendall County News, May 28, 1896.
Edited & compiled by Elmer Dickson

It was on last Friday morning that the Newsman put his declaration to become more familiar with his adopted county into activity. South of the Fox, out toward Morris, was new land to him, and in that direction he drove. As though to aid him in his introductory, the day was a model one of the May variety. It was neither warm nor hot. The beckoning, waiving grain, leafing corn and hearty recognition of the farmer made the trip a delightful one.

The turn was made into Fox, and soon we were exchanging views with Mr. F. C. Beane, the substantial and all around pusher at the station. He was busy in the receipt of grain, so, not wishing to annoy him, we enjoyed a visit in the store with Miss Curran, a bright little lady, who serves well the many daily callers. Her father, Mr. Curran, is depot master and one of those firmly grounded Democrats. Just to be seen through the trees is the little district school. We recall that back some years a brother wielded the birch and "writ" the examples for his small following here.

As we mount up over the hill by the Faxon farm there is a noticeable difference. The farms appear smaller and the improvements greater. This continues on into Helmar.

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