Reminiscences of Win Courtright

Win Courtright

Published In The Kendall County Record. August 14, 1907
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Editor's note. Win Courtright's full name was Winfred Minor Courtright. He was the son of Benjamin B. Courtright.

Win Courtright, who drives the interurban stage between Millington and Newark ought to go on the comic opera stage or procure an auto-ominbus. In the first place he can load his wagon, hang his feet over a bunch of trunks, baby carriages, etc, ply his worn off whip to the horses and keep his passengers in the rear in a fit of side splitting laughter in a way which conduces to forgetting all about the mouthfuls of dust one has to swallow while riding over the country roads on a hot day. Then, again, his business is getting to such proportions that he has to solve the problems of seating his passengers on a geometrical basis. Thursday morning "Win" had two traveling men, one newspaper man, two gentlemen with their wives, one young lady and two babies, besides three big suitcases, two traveling men's grips, two baby carriages, and a mail sack to haul to Newark. Everybody and everything rode comfortably and he still had room to carry a few extra bundles just for accommodation.

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