The Old Settlers' Picnic 7-29-1896

The Popular Picnic Tomorrow.

Your Presence is Expected, and You Must All Come.

Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, July 29, 1896.

Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

The fathers and mothers, the sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters, the adopted relatives of Kendall County, are all expected to meet on the Fair Grounds in Yorkville tomorrow, Thursday, July 30th to take part in the annual picnic, of the early settlers and their progeny.

You can all come. Farmers you can come while you are waiting for the grain to dry in the fields. After the picnic is over the weather will be so clear, and you will feel so contented by your association with old neighbors, that you can go at threshing with a hustling energy.

Come in the forenoon with your families and big dinners and picnic on the shady grounds, and visit among the comers the hour before noon. After dinner you will feel comfortable, and at one o'clock the program of exercises will begin.

There will be music, and prayer by Pastor Sanborn of the Yorkville Congregational Church. You will all sing 'My country ‘tis of thee,' and Mr. John Fitzgerald of Yorkville will extend to you the 'glad hand' in a welcoming address.

Captain Frank Hobbs, a veteran in musical circles, has his old-time choir in practice, and they will sing a piece from Father Kemp's book. Then, Secretary Gale will perform the only sad duty of the day by reading his report of those who have passed to the Great Beyond since the last meeting.

After more singing, General Smith D. Atkins, for fifty years a resident of Illinois, will give personal reminiscences, and tell of the glories of the Garden State. All the old comrades of the war should come to greet Comrade Atkins. He led a cavalry brigade from Atlanta to the Sea, under General Sherman, and did gallant duty against the celebrated cavalry leader, General Wheeler.

Mrs. Aldrich of Millington, one of the earliest settlers of this valley, will give some accounts of pioneer days interrelated with good advice to the present generation.

There will be more music, little side talks and a small collection to pay expenses. Then if you're tired you can go home, if not, you can remain to talk it all over again.

Secretary Gale has arranged a stand in front of the amphitheatre for the speakers and choir, and has affirmed that the pump is in good condition. Cups will be furnished, and you can all have a good day. COME!

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