The Old Settlers' Picnic 7-24-1901

Old Settlers Reunion.

Originally Published in the Kendall County Record, July 17, 1901.
Edited and Compiled by Elmer Dickson.

There was but a slim response to the call issued by the officers of the Kendall County Old Settler's Picnic Association for a meeting in Yorkville last Saturday to arrange for the annual picnic for 1901.

President Sheldon Hiram Wheeler, Secretary Morgan Alexander 'Dick' Skinner and Vice-President Alexander Patterson were, in fact, the only ones sufficiently interested to be present. After conferring together, it was decided to assess each township in the county $5.00 to pay the expenses of a picnic, and the Vice-Presidents of each township will be notified to that effect by the Secretary. If favorable responses are received, it will be taken as evidence that the people desire a picnic; otherwise the annual gathering will be dropped.

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