Death of Soren Osman

An Old Settler Gone

Death of Soren Osman of Newark

Originally published in the Kendall County Record, Oct 2, 1901

Transcribed by Jane Willey-Fey

Another pioneer has passed away. All that was mortal of Soren Halvorson Osman was lovingly laid to rest in a slate vault in the Millington cemetery, Thursday, September 26, 1901. He had died of paralysis at his Newark home the previous Monday, about two in the morning. A vast concourse of people attended the funeral Thursday at the house and at the Lutheran Church. Rev. A. O. Mortvedt spoke in English, followed by Rev. N. G. Peterson in Norse. Both commended the Christian life and example of the departed to the stricken family and emphasized the other useful lessons from this sad dispensation.

Soren Halverson Osman was born in Etne parish, in the diocese of Bergen, Norway, January 20, 1828. Soren came to Kendall County in 1849 with two brothers and two sisters. His parents and youngest brothers had come to America two years earlier. Shortly after his arrival at Lisbon the cholera claimed his young wife, Anna as one of its many victims. In 1851 he married again and from this union was born twelve children, five of whom are dead and seven living. Their mother's maiden name was Marguerite Anderson, and she survives.

Mr. Osman was a farmer and a good one. The first farm he owned was the 80 acres, half a mile south of Helmar, now occupied by his wife's nephew, John Anderson. Here several of his children were born. Here Soren and Marguerite worked and planned and got their start on the road to prosperity. Then he sold the farm and bought a larger one near the South Church. As the years came and went he added to his possessions, so that when he died he had 560 acres in Big Grove and 440 in Ford County, His personal property is said to be worth about ten thousand dollars. In the fall of 1891 he built a fine residence just at the entrance of the Ottawa road to Newark and retired from farming the following spring. He was a strong man in the church, an amiable man, a man who never had a lawsuit. He was a good example of what the sturdy sons of Norway can accomplish in this great country.

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