County Officers 1841-1913

Alphabetical list of the people elected or appointed to the various county offices.

SurnameGiven NameOffice HeldDate 
Ackerman George E. Sheriff 1886-1890
Ackerman George E. Sheriff 1894-1898
Amerman George W. County Collector (Treasurer) 1894-1896
Atkins Willis County Coroner 1870-1872
Austin Joshua N. County Surveyor 1845-1849
Barnes Elijah W. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1858-1863
Barr James G. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1851-1853
Beaupre Mathias Sheriff 1852-1854
Beebe Avery Noyes Circuit Clerk 1884-1912
Bennett Isaac E. County Coroner 1878-1882
Bennett Lyman G. County Surveyor 1856-1858
Bennett Lyman G. County Surveyor 1869-1871
Bennett Lyman G. Circuit Clerk 1872-1880
Bird John H. County Coroner 1860
Blaine William A. County Collector (Treasurer) 1847-1848
Blaine William A. County Assessor 1848-1849
Brady Lorenzo D. County Commissioner 1943-1845
Bristol Lyman  County Assessor 1841
Budd Edward, Jr. County Collector (Treasurer) 1906-1910
Budd Edward, Jr. County Clerk 1910-1914
Bullard Royal Probate Justices 1841-1843
Bullard Royal  County Collector (Treasurer) 1841-1843
Burkhart Oliver A. States Attorney 1908-1812
Carnes Robert W. County Collector (Treasurer) 1863-1865
Chapman John W. County Commissioner 1845-1848
Childs Lyman County Coroner 1868-1870
Cole Jeremiah J. County Commissioner 1841-1843
Cole Jeremiah J. County Collector (Treasurer) 1849-1853
Cole Jeremiah J. County Clerk 1853-1864
Collins Samuel C. County Commissioner 1848-1849
Cornell James Smith Census Enumerators 1845
Cornell James Smith Sheriff 1843-1847
Cornell James Smith County Collector (Treasurer) 1844-1847
Cornell Milton E. County Collector (Treasurer) 1869-1873
Cornell Milton E. County Collector (Treasurer) 1877-1882
Coy Winfield S. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1863-1869
Crothers John Milton Circuit Clerk 1844-1856
Curran Amos D. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1889-1914
Davis Mordicai County Coroner 1864-1866
Day Henry M. Sheriff 1854-1856
Day Henry M. Census Enumerators 1855
Dodge Norman Probate Justices 1844-1847
Dolph Orson County Surveyor 1886-1904
Drew Thomas B. County Coroner 1904-1912
Duffy Christopher C. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1877-1889
Dunn John County Coroner 1862-1864
Duryea Rulief S. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1841
Duryea Rulief S. County Collector (Treasurer) 1845
Duryea Rulief S. County Assessor 1845-1846
Edson Amber School Commisioners & Superintendents 1849-1850
Elliott George County Collector (Treasurer) 1886-1890
Evarts Jeremiah County Clerk 1864-1886
Fenton Marcus A. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1842
Fenton Marcus A. County Clerk 1841-1849
Field Amasa E. County Coroner 1900-1904
Fitzgerald John  States Attorney 1884-1888
Foster Walter M. County Collector (Treasurer) 1896-1898
Fowler William L. County Collector (Treasurer) 1848-1849
Fowler William L. Sheriff 1848-1859
Gleason Joseph County Assessor 1843
Godard James A. Circuit Clerk 1880-1884
Grant Colquhoun County Assessor 1842
Grant Orris W. County Coroner 1874-1878
Haigh Daniel Census Enumerators 1865
Hartwell George W. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1846-1848
Hartwell George W. County Clerk 1849-1853
Helme Joseph Warren County Judge 1849-1853
Henderson John Riggs Sheriff 1910-1914
Henning Cornelius County Commissioner 1846-1849
Henwood John B. County Surveyor 1858-1861
Heustis Solomon County Coroner 1848-1852
Hill Arthur P. County Collector (Treasurer) 1910-1914
Hill William County Collector (Treasurer) 1882-1886
Hill William County Clerk 1896-1902
Hill  William County Judge 1902-1910
Hills Levi County Commissioner 1841-1842
Hobbs Albert M. Circuit Clerk 1864-1872
Hollenback George B. County Coroner 1842
Hollenback George M. Circuit Clerk 1856-1864
Hubbard James H. County Collector (Treasurer) 1846
Hubbard James H. County Assessor 1846-1847
Hudson Henry S. County Judge 1865-1902
Humphrey H. S. County Collector (Treasurer) 1857-1863
Hunt Reuben County Commissioner 1841
Ives Almon B. Probate Justices 1848-1849
Ives Almon B. County Collector (Treasurer) 1841-1844
Jackson Samuel County Commissioner 1844-1847
Jeneson David C. County Collector (Treasurer) 1890-1891
Jeneson Thomas Circuit Clerk 1856
Jenks Daniel S. County Coroner 1866-1868
Jenks Joel H. County Surveyor 1871-1879
Johnson Daniel G. Census Enumerators 1850
Johnson George Sheriff 1841-1842
Judson Lewis B. County Coroner 1841
Kern Joseph D. Sheriff 1868-1872
Kimball Ansel County Commissioner 1842-1844
Kinney John School Commisioners & Superintendents 1857
Ladd Dwight Sheriff 1860-1862
LeBaron John K. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1857
Littlewood James B. County Coroner 1872-1874
Lord Frank A. County Coroner 1892-1900
Marshall John R. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1869-1877
McClelland Robert A. County Coroner 1882-1892
Mighell Nathan Carr County Coroner 1856-1858
Miller Richard D. Sheriff 1850-1851
Moulton Ephraim School Commisioners & Superintendents 1853-1855
Murphy Wright Sheriff 1858-1860
Naden Samuel County Assessor 1902-1906
Naden Samuel County Collector (Treasurer) 1902-1906
Newell John A. Sheriff 1864-1866
Newton Ami D. Sheriff 1862-1864
Newton Ami D. Sheriff 1872-1886
Newton Asahel County Collector (Treasurer) 1853-1857
Newton Robert N. County Collector (Treasurer) 1891-1894
Normandin Samuel Sheriff 1898-1902
Normandin Samuel Sheriff 1906-1910
Phillips Carson County Surveyor 1879-1884
Raymond Jonathan Sheriff 1856-1858
Ricketson Benjamin County Judge 1853-1865
Sears Archibald County Surveyor 1841-1845
Seely Jonas  Sheriff 1866-1868
Serrine Tunis S. County Collector (Treasurer) 1873-1877
Skinner Morgan A. Sheriff 1890-1894
Smith Alonzo B. Circuit Clerk 1841-1844
Smith Ivan County Surveyor 1904-1912
Sweetland Albert M. States Attorney 1872-1884
Sweetland Albert M. States Attorney 1888-1908
Taylor John C. County Collector (Treasurer) 1865-1869
Thurber William County Assessor 1844
Thurber William County Collector (Treasurer) 1844
Townsend Charles D. Sheriff 1851-1852
Treat Thomas R. School Commisioners & Superintendents 1843-1845
VanAntwerp John School Commisioners & Superintendents 1856
Voss Augustus H. Sheriff 1902-1906
Westcott Oliver S. County Clerk Apr-Jun 1864
Williams Clarence S. County Collector (Treasurer) 1898-1902
Williams Clarence S. County Assessor 1899-1902
Williams Clarence S. County Clerk 1902-1910
Williams Clarence S. County Judge 1911-1914
Winn William Wesley County Coroner 1854
Winn William Wesley County Surveyor 1849-1856
Young Newton County Surveyor 1884-1886

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