Veterans of World War One from Kendall County, IL

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Criteria for inclusion. Citizen of Kendall County. Active duty between Apr 6, 1917 and Nov 11, 1918.

German Flag
48 Star U.S. Flag

The names of some World War One veterans are on bronze plaques on the inside of the  Kendall County Court House.  An 'N' in the On BP column indicates that that veteran's name is NOT on a bronze plaque.

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SurnameGiven nameUnitRankRemarksResidenceMoDyYrPlace Of BirthMoDyYrDeathBP
            Birth      Death    Place OfOn
SurnameGiven nameUnitRankRemarksResidenceMoDyYrPlace Of BirthMoDyYrDeathBP
Abbott Seth USMC Yorkville, IL Jun 12 1918 N
Abramson Frank V. Army Plano, IL Jun 30 1890 Aurora, IL
Ackerman Gilbert Army Yorkville, IL N
Ackley Roy Joseph Army Plainfield, IL Mar 28 1891 Chicago, IL
Ahng Cressy Ellis Army Plano, IL Jan 23 1897 Aurora, IL May 21 1941 Aurora, IL
Ahrens Richard William Army Aug 20 1895 Kendall Co. May 15 1965 Aurora, IL
Alsager Andrew Meyer Navy Big Grove Twp Jul 25 1892 Big Grove Twp Apr 28 1966 Newark, IL N
Ames Arthur E. Navy d. illness Little Rock, IL Dec 3 1918 Wales
Amland Andrew Army RFD 2, Newark, IL Aug 22 1887 Skaanevik, Nor. Mar 31 1973 Yorkville, IL
Anderson Anton Army Fox Twp Apr 14 1894 Bergen, Nor.
Anderson Arthur "Clarence" Army RFD 2, Newark, IL Aug 23 1888 Lisbon Twp Dec 25 1950 Los Angeles, CA
Anderson Christian Army Millington, IL Mar 12 1893 Millington, IL Jul 1 1943
Anderson David Porter Army Sandwich, IL Mar 26 1895 Brookfield Twp
Anderson Edwin Army Millington, IL Aug 3 1889 Millington, IL 1963
Anderson Gordon Emerson Navy Yorkville, IL Apr 9 1919 N
Anderson Harry "Red" Army Plano, IL
Anderson Henry Roy Army Millington, IL Feb 24 1896 Millington, IL Sep 29 1971 Ottawa, IL
Anderson James Army WIA Fox, IL Sep 5 1891 Skudesnes, Nor.
Anderson Orville Leslie RFD 2, Newark, IL Aug 19 1898 Lisbon Twp Aug 4 1943 Joliet, IL
Anderson Oscar Navy Plano, IL Jan 13 1897 Plano, IL Jul 26 1951 Maywood, IL
Anderson Reuben George Army Yorkville, IL Aug 8 1894 Yorkville, IL
Anderson Samuel Army Millington, IL Oct 24 1894 Millington, IL Jul 5 1949 Danville, IL
Anderson Silas Allen Army Newark, IL Apr 2 1894 Norway, IL Oct 6 1935 Ottawa, IL N
Anderson Sven Albert Army RFD 2, Sandwich, IL Oct 26 1889 Hastaryd, Swe.
Anderson Vernie Ornel Army Newark, IL Aug 2 1895 Newark, IL Jan 31 1951 Des Moines, IA
Appel Irvin A. Army Plano, IL
Armbruster William McKinley Army Yorkville, IL Dec 9 1894 Yorkville, IL Apr 24 1962
Armstrong Andrew Army RFD, Minooka, IL Sep 1 1885 Antrim Co., Ire.
Armstrong James Army Yorkville, IL Aug ng 1887 Antrim Co., Ire.
Bailey Roy D. USMC Plano, IL
Baines Arthur M. Army Plano, IL
Baines Edward Patrick Army Plano, IL Jan 24 1891 Plano, IL
Baines Theodore Army Plano, IL
Barkley Archie R. Army Cpl. Yorkville, IL Apr 11 1896 Gardner, IL Dec 14 1945 Chicago, IL
Barkley Hugh C. Army Yorkville, IL May 11 1893 Gardner, IL Nov 8 1930
Barnett John Army Newark, IL Feb 1 1896 Lexington, KY
Barron Raymond Millard Army 2nd Lt. RFD 2, Newark, IL Jan 13 1894 Lisbon Twp 1973
Bates Eri John Army Plano, IL Jun 9 1896 Plano, IL Jan 24 1976 Ancon, Canal Zone
Baumann Nick J. Army Oswego, IL Jun 23 1894 Oswego, IL
Bebee LeGrand, Jr. Army cited for gallantry Jul 18 1918 Soissons, Fr. N
Bedford Earl Army Seward Twp N
Belden Claude E. Army Yorkville, IL Apr 7 1890 Yorkville, IL
Belfield Roy Edward Navy Seward Twp Seward Twp Dec 8 1943 Chicago, IL N
Belfield Russell Leland Army Cpl. RFD 1, Minooka, IL Mar 23 1896 Seward Twp
Bell Arthur J. Aero Plano, IL
Bell Elias J. Navy Plano, IL
Bell Harry S. Aero Lt. Plano, IL Mar 23 1889 Kearney, NB
Bell James Hall Army Oswego, IL May 6 1890 Minooka, IL Jun 5 1969
Bennett Ewart V. Navy Plattville, IL Jun 22 1918 N
Benson Edward Army Newark, IL Dec 25 1887 Stavanger, Nor. Nov 12 1971 Maywood, IL
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