World War One Draft Registration Records for Kendall County, IL

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Criteria for inclusion. Citizen of Kendall County. Active duty between Apr 6, 1917 and Nov 11, 1918.

German Flag
48 Star U.S. Flag

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SurnameGiven namePermanent Home AddressDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthServedRank
SurnameGiven namePermanent Home AddressDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthServedRank
Abbott Albert Theodore Plano, IL March 2, 1879
Abbott Gabe (Gabriel) RFD 2, Newark, IL September 19, 1884
Abens John Peter Bristol, IL April 26, 1876
Abramson Frank V. Plano, IL June 30, 1890 Aurora, IL served
Ackerman Frank Wilson Yorkville, IL December 28, 1874
Ackley Leon Yorkville, IL not given
Ackley Roy Joseph Plainfield, IL March 28, 1891 Chicago, IL served
Adam Mathias Balthazer RFD 4, Newark, IL October 3, 1877
Agler Lazell John RFD, Plano, IL April 16, 1881
Agler LeRoy Yorkville, IL June 11, 1882
Aguirea Requiyo Plano, IL July 14, 1892 Lapire, Mexico
Ahng Walter Plano, IL June 30, 1890
Ahrens Walter H. Yorkville, IL June 8, 1895 Yorkville, IL
Ahrens William E. Plano, IL February 10, 1888 Yorkville, IL
Alertson Albert John Lisbon, IL July 5, 1875
Alford Frank G. RFD, Minooka, IL February 5, 1891 Prairie Center, IL
Alfredson Emil RFD 2, Sandwich, IL July 27, 1879
Allen John Winfred RFD, Oswego, IL February 1, 1897 Lee County, IL
Almy Albert Yorkville, IL June 16, 1879
Alsager Martin Millington, IL February 6, 1887 Fox Twp
Alstedt Edwin A. Wataga, IL April 4, 1893 Moline, IL
Alsvig Tobias Millington, IL February 6, 1887 Stavanger, Norway
Alvarez Martin Bristol, IL August 5, 1889 Aranza, Mexico
Alward Roy Chicago, IL not given
Amador Jose Millington, IL September 14, 1900 Mexico
Ament George Dunn Yorkville, IL May 26, 1884
Ament Harold E. Yorkville, IL January 9, 1890 Kendall County, IL
Ames Lawrence Marion RFD 1, Plano, IL June 14, 1900
Ames William Carlos RFD 1, Plano, IL February 7, 1873
Amland Andrew RFD 2, Newark, IL August 22, 1887 Skaansvik, Norway served
Ammons Eli H. Plano, IL August 25, 1894 La Salle, IL
Ammons John RFD 3, Yorkville, IL March 11, 1898
Ammons Joshua, Jr. Millington, IL January 19, 1900
Ammons Robert Oswego, IL November 10, 1887 Millington, IL
Amy Allen Hubert Newark, IL September 2, 1894 Corydan, IN
Anderson Albert G. Oswego, IL January 21, 1888 Oswego, IL
Anderson Andrew Plano, IL February 4, 1886
Anderson Andrew Martin RFD 2, Minooka, IL January 5, 1874
Anderson Anton not given April 14, 1894 Bergen, Norway served
Anderson Arthur C. (Clarence) RFD 2, Newark, IL August 23, 1888 Lisbon Twp served
Anderson Arthur M. Yorkville, IL October 29, 1890 Kendall Twp
Anderson Carl Anton RFD, Plano, IL December 12, 1880
Anderson Carl Leonard Plano, IL January 28, 1898
Anderson Carl N. Plano, IL September 23, 1894 Hole, Sweden
Anderson Chris J. Plano, IL May 27, 1887 Chicago, IL
Anderson Christian Millington, IL March 12, 1893 Millington, IL served
Anderson David Yorkville, IL August 15, 1877
Anderson David Porter Sandwich, IL March 26, 1895 Brookfield Twp served
Anderson Edd Millington, IL April 26, 1890 Marsailles, IL
Anderson Edwin Millington, IL August 3, 1889 Millington, IL served
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