Kendall County Men Who Served During the Philippine Is. Insurrection

By Elmer Dickson

Philippine Is. Flag
45 Star U.S. Flag

The defeat of the Spanish by the U.S. during the Spanish-American War resulted in following. Cuba was freed, but under U.S. tutelage. Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the U. S. and the Philippines were surrendered to the U.S. for $20 million.
        The war ended Spanish rule of the Philippine Islands. Prior to the Spanish-American War, an armed revolt by the Tagalos on the island of Luzon, was being fought with Spain. To the Philippine Nationalist's bitter disappointment, control of the islands was transferred to the U. S. In the process, the U.S. inherited the rebellion by the Tagalos. An armed revolt between the Tagalos and the U. S. was fought from 1899 to 1901 when it was effectively crushed.
        The following residents of Kendall County participated in what is referred to, in U.S. military history, as the Philippine Insurrection.

SurnameGiven nameRegimentCoRankResidenceRemarksBuriedWar
Anderson Martin USMC     Millington     PI
Austin James US Army   2nd Lt. NaAuSay Twp     PI
Birkland Cornelius       Newark     PI
Boyd Robert H. 7th US ART C   Bristol Twp     PI
Brownell Arthur F. 3rd US CAV     Plano     PI
Brownell Harry 15th US CAV     Plano     PI
Burson Charles 1st IL INF     Plano discharged March 1901   PI
Caproni  Grant 1st US CAV B   Millington served in Philippine Is.   PI
Cox William J. 10th INF USA     Plano     PI
DeGroff Fred Troop A, 13th US CAV     Little Rock Twp served in Philippine Is.   PI
Erickson Ole S. 4th US INF H Sargent Big Grove Twp wounded battle of Manila   PI
Haley Andrew 7th US ART H   Kendall Twp discharged April 1901   PI
Hubbell John 7th US ART C   Plano     PI
Kilburne Ervin 4th US CAV     Plano     PI
Leonard George F. 30th US Vol. INF E Sargent Millington served in Philippine Is.   PI
Lund Harold 30th US Vol INF H   Newark served in Philippine Is.   PI
Miller  R. Boyd, Dr. USA   Surgeon Millington     PI
Miner N. P. Willis CO INF     Plano     PI
Myers Bert 3rd IL INF B Private Seward Twp     PI
Shaw Guy 7th US ART I   Yorkville     PI
Smith Charles G. 4th INF USA     Plano     PI
Smith Gilbert 4th US INF     Oswego     PI
Spach William       Millbrook served in Philippine Is.   PI
Stephenson Benjamin       Millington served in Philippine Is.   PI
Stephenson Ever 22nd Regt. D   Lisbon     PI
Thompson Thomas 7th IL INF F Private Lisbon Twp served in Philippine Is.   PI

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