Edward Hargreaves Obituary

Death of E. Hargreaves

Corporal Company H, 89th Illinois

Spent Fifteen Months in Confederate Prisons.

Published in Kendall County Record, May 13, 1914

Some of the older residents of Kendall County may remember Comrade Hargreaves, who was a farmer in Plattville vicinity before the Civil War. He had been a participant in the annual reunions of the company in this county and was always greeted heartily by the old friends. His wife, who was Miss Bridget Benson, married here in 1866, died some months ago. The husband followed on April 26th, dying at the home of his son, Dr. Hargreaves, in Chicago, from heart trouble.

The deceased was born at Waterside, Rosendale, Lancashire, England. In 1857, he immigrated to this county and arrived at the home of his brother in Kendall County, about the middle of March. Shortly after his arrival he moved to Plattville and lived in that neighborhood until 1862, being engaged in farming. On the 9th of June 1862, in company with nineteen other young men of Plattville, he went to Yorkville and enlisted in the army for three years. During the war he was Corporal of Company H, 89th Illinois Infantry. He was captured at the battle of Chicamaugua on September 20, 1883. He became one of 6500 prisoners in the following prisons: Belle Isle, seven days; Richmond, two months; Danville, VA, four months. He was among the first 1000 prisoners to be taken to Andersonville. He entered Andersonville on the 10th of March 1863. He was held there for six months and a few days. From there he was taken to Charleston for one month. From Charleston to Florence, SC, for two months, making a total of over 15 months imprisonment. Only 1350 of the men out of 6500 lived to get out. Greatly emaciated and unable to walk, he was given a furlough and arrived in Chicago on the 31st day of December 1864. After being home for one month he was sent to Benton Barracks, St. Louis. Here he was returned to his company at Nashville, TN, where he was honorably discharged June 9, 1865.

Soon after marriage, he moved to Iroquois County and later became a resident of Clifton in that county. He was a man of splendid character and leaves a host of friends.

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