The 147th Illinois Infantry in Georgia

From the 147th Illinois

Army of the Cumberland, Dalton, GA March 22, 1865

Letter sent by Lt. Lawrence E. Emmons

Published in Kendall County Record, March 30, 1865

Friend Marshall:

I thought I would drop you a line and let you know where we are at and how we are getting along. I will say first that the boys from our town are all alive. There are some sick, but I hope they will soon recover. Albert Chittenden is sick with fever and is improving. Lieutenant Churchill is afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism. He has not done duty since we left Chicago. Hugh Marshall is all right now. He has been troubled some with rheumatism but is always ready for his duty.

We are carrying on a war with these "cussed" guerrillas. All we have done as yet is making incursions into the country every day or so capture a few "Johnnies," a little forage, do a deal of random shooting, then return. The rebs in this quarter are all mounted. It is impossible for infantry to do anything fighting them. We have no cavalry here as yet. I hope we shall have some now, as there is a Brigade formed here.

I went to Chattanooga last Sunday for ordnance. Started back Tuesday morning. All went well until we go about three miles from Tunnel Hill, when we got thrown off the track (train was derailed.) The rebs had torn up one rail. The engine and one car were thrown off. Sixteen rebs were about fifteen rods off behind some logs. As the train stopped, they fired; but as luck would have it no one was hurt. I walked to Tunnel Hill and staid all night, and walked to Dalton today.

This is one of the daily instances of soldier life in northern Georgia. The 147th has had four days' scout since Sunday. They skirmished all one day with mounted guerillas. Had three or four wounded and killed six or eight rebs.

Captain Buys says the company behaved splendidly under fire. They all acted like veterans. Captain Buys is pleased with the real grit the boys displayed, it being the first time the boys had smelt rebel powder.

Enclosed you will find a roster of our company, which I wish you to publish if you can. I will also enclose to you the staff officers of this brigade.

The following officers are announced as members of the brigade staff:

Captain Harvey Officer, First Minnesota Artillery, A. A. A. G.

Lieutenant Colonel Werner W. Berg, 147th Illinois Infantry, A. J. G.

Francis A. Emmons, Surgeon, 147th Illinois Infantry, Chief Medical Officer of Brigade.

First Lieutenant Lawrence E. Emmons, 147th Illinois, Brigade Ordnance Officer.

First Lieutenant E. E. H. Sturtevant, 147th Illinois Infantry, A. A. Q. M. Brigade.

First Lieutenant D. A Goodin, 145th Indiana Infantry, A. A. C. S.

Second Lieutenant ______ Wiswell, 151st Illinois Infantry, A. D. C.

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