Reunion of the 127th Illinois Infantry in 1889

Reunion of the 127th Illinois Infantry

Published in Saint Charles Chronicle
Republished in Kendall County Record, September 18, 1889

The twentieth annual reunion of the 127th took place at Aurora on Friday, September 6. Through the efforts of the local committee appointed to look after the arrangements, and the courtesy of Post 20 G. A. R., of Aurora, the veterans were tendered the free use of the splendid building owned by the Post for their business meeting. By eleven o'clock about sixty members had reported, many of them accompanied by their wives and children. Following is as complete a list as we could procure.

President, Captain J. F. Richmond, Chicago, Co. E.

Secretary and Treasurer, George H. Knott, Elgin, Co. C.

Assistant Secretary, Frank Young, Sandwich, Co. A.

Field and Staff: Major F. W. Tourtellotte, Chicago; Captain Jonathan C. Stoughton, Chaplain Chicago; Lieutenant S. W. Durant, Quartermaster, Saint Charles.

Company A: George M. Cowdrey, Oswego; Colvin Pearce, Oswego; George White (Welt on Company roster), Oswego; Samuel Salfisberg, Aurora; E. (Rudolph) Salfisberg, Aurora; Harrison Ashley, Aurora; Granby S. Case, Aurora; Marshall C. Richards, Aurora; Charles E. Hubbard, Oswego; Christian Herren, Oswego; Wright Murphy, Oswego; Lyman H. Gaskill, Oswego; Robinson B. Murphy, musician, Columbus, Ohio.

Company C: Colonel Thomas Clark, Elburn; W. Ahrens, Dundee; C. W. Guptill, Elgin; P. T. O'Flaherty, Elgin.

Company E: Charles H. Beach, Sycamore; Joseph Clark, St. Charles; Robert Marsden, St. Charles; Michael Murphy, St. Charles; J. P. Trumbull, St. Charles; J. B. T. Wheeler, St. Charles.

Company F: Lieutenant Alfred Darnell, Hinckley; James S. Schermerhorn, Bristol, William Durrell, Little Rock; Christopher Beck, Plano; C. A. Westgate, Peotone; G. W. Montague, Leland; Edward A. Welch, Plano; James Landers, Plano.

Company G: William Toomer, Chicago; Dow Shibley, Yorkville.

Company I: Lieutenant J. S. Soper, Chicago; John W. Carr, color bearer, Elgin; Theodore Schroeder, Elgin; H. O. Perry, Elgin; W. F. Becker, Elgin; George Collie, Elgin; A. W. McCornack, Englewood; Richard R. Parkins, Elgin.

Company K: Lieutenant John B. Moulton, Pavilion; George H. Brenzel, Pontiac; Charles M. Hill, Millbrook; John N. Kilts, Plano; John Fay, Millbrook; Albert Smith, Bristol; George F. Needham, Pavilion; George Hoagland, Big Rock.

Mrs. Hollenback, a widow of Clark Hollenback, Company K, was present. Mrs. Higby widow of Howard Higby of Company I sent dues. Many of the boys brought along wives and children and there were a number of friends present.

At the business meeting memorial and resolutions on the death of Clark Hollenback, of Company K, were reported by Chaplain Stoughton, Chairman of the committee. Quartermaster Durant reported on the death of E. A McWayne, Company E. Both memorials and resolutions were adopted and ordered placed on file.

On motion the President appointed the following comrades as a standing committee to report to the Secretary all deaths occurring among members of the regiment and to prepare proper memorials and resolutions thereon.

Company A: Dow Shibley, C. E. Hubbard and Granby S. Case.

Company D: James R. Combs, A. S. Martin and Alvin Wait.

Company F: Christopher Beck, Lieutenant Alfred Darnell and Simon D. Ovitt.

Company G: William Toomer, Dow Shibley and Matthew Kunz.

Company K: Lieut. John B. Moulton, George F. Needham and John Fay.

Committee of Arrangements for meeting 1890: John B. Roberts, Granby S. Case, George M. Cowdrey and Colvin Pearce.

The location of the next annual meeting was warmly discussed by Comrades Case, Roberts, Clark, Wheeler, Shibley and others. The decision was postponed until after the banquet, when on motion it was decided to hold it at Aurora.

At the close of the business the officers of the Association were unanimously elected, viva voce. For the ensuing year, to wit:

President, Captain J. Frank Richmond.

Vice President, E. A. Cummings.

Secretary and Treasurer, George H. Knott.

Assistant Secretary, Frank Young.

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