Edwin Howes the Soldier

Edwin Howes (1839 - 1919) Soldier

Compiled by David L. Read

Edwin Howes was the 12th of thirteen children born to Thomas and Sarah (Gleason) Howes of Wyoming County, New York. He was born June 20, 1839 and moved to Kendall County, Illinois as a boy with his parents.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Edwin enlisted in Company K, Twentieth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, a company primarily composed of men from the vicinity of Newark, Illinois.

An outline of his service is a as follows:

1. Enlisted in Union Army June 13, 1861.
2  Fought in 23 battles in 4 years including.
    a. Battle of Shiloh April 8,1862.
    b. Battle of Britton's Lane September 1, 1862.
            1. Wounded and captured by Confederates; released on parole by agreeing not to return to fighting
                for at least three months.
            2. Waited out his three months parole at Jackson's Barracks in St. Louis.
    c. Siege of Vicksburg from April 1863 through July 1863.
            3. Re-enlisted in December 1863.
    d. Battle of Atlanta.
    e. Captured at the Battle of Atlanta on July, 22nd, 1864.
            4. Sent to Andersonville Prison on July 29th, 1864. Held at Andersonville until early fall of 1864 when         transferred to prison stockade at Florence, South Carolina.
             5. Escaped in late January 1865 at Magnolia, S.C. from a POW train taking him to another camp at Goldsborough, North Carolina. Lived in the swamps around Wilmington, North Carolina until the Union Army captured Wilmington in late February, 1865 (see portion of James Jennings diary of escape noted below)
            6. Taken to Union hospital in New Jersey and mustered out of the Army on July 24, 1865.

Another reference to Edwin Howes is found in Company K, Twentieth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Roster and Record, by Andrew Brown Yorkville, Kendall Co Record Print, 1894, 64 pp., 17.5 cm. Brown compiled information on company members service records and their lives following the war.

Edwin Howes

Eola, DuPage County, Illinois

April, 1861 - July 15, 1865. Born in the State of New York. Twenty-two years old when enlisted. Wounded and captured at Britton's Lane. Paroled. Captured again near Atlanta, July 22, 1864 and sent to Confederate prisons. Escaped from prison and reached Union lines near Wilmington, North Carolina, February 1865. Pensioned at a rate of twelve dollars a month for disabilities incurred in the service. Is a farmer. A prohibitionist. Professes to be a Christian.

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