Henry Chappell

Kendall County Record, August 6, 1930

Henry Chappell was born in northeastern Pennsylvania, June 24, 1847. He came to Yorkville in 1851 and has been a resident in the same neighborhood from that time until the day of death, August 1, 1930, at the age of 83 years, 1 month, and 7 days.

On June 13, 1868 he united in marriage with Sarah C. Dunbar at Oswego. To this union were born eight children. His wife died September 14, 1921 and since that time he has lived mostly alone in his home in Yorkville. When a lad of seventeen, in the year 1865, he joined the Union Army and served to the close of the war. The experiences of those days registered themselves very deeply in his nature. The passing years for him threw a rich halo over those heroic days, and enriched his memory with that indescribable feeling of patriotic devotion so often characteristic of the men who wore the little button of bronze. Memorial Day was to him a day of sacred significance and he was the last survivor in this community of that group of men who went forth pledging their all in sacrificial devotion to the cause of Union and Freedom.

His vocation in life was that of a contractor and builder, in which vocation he worked and served with that directness, and integrity that marked his strong individuality.

Six of his children preceded him in death. The immediate surviving relatives are a sister, Mrs. Jessie Beecher of Chicago; one daughter, Mrs. Fred Gates; one son R. D. Chappell; fourteen grandchildren; and fourteen great grandchildren.

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