Members of R. B. Hayes Post No. 120, Plano, Illinois

Members of R. B. Hayes Post No. 120, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Illinois, Plano.

Photograph taken before March 1907.


Photo published in Volume II, Historical Encyclopedia & History of Kendall County, Illinois
N. Bateman & P. Shelby Editors, Munsell Publishing Co., 1914, page 788
Image Licensing: No Known Copyright Restrictions

Index to R. B. Hayes Post No. 120, Plano, Illinois

Back row, left to right:

John Nation Gillespie             2nd Lt. Company L, 9th IL CAV
John Bell
Charles M. Lawson                Company F, 104th PA INF
Charles H. Burr                      Company A, 10th WI INF
Gilbert K. Beck                       Pvt. Company M, 12th IL CAV
Isaac H. Bartlett                      Pvt. Company A, 127th IL INF
William Fuller Bradley             Musician Company I, 23rd IL INF (Cons)
Jonathan C. Robinson            Company C, 101st PA INF
John H. Jordan                        Pvt. Company E, 13th IL INF

Front row, left to right:

James Hazen Morse                Pvt. Company A, 141st IL INF
Chester M. Swift                      Sgt. Company I, 23rd IL INF
Wallace William Bartlett           Pvt. Company F, 127th IN INF
Drummers: Earl Young &
                  Floyd Hinckley
George "Dallas" Farrington     Pvt. Company E, 91st IL INF
Eneas S. Ovitt                         Pvt. Company K, 127th IL INF
Franklin William "Frank" Lord  Pvt. Company I, 23rd IL INF (Cons)

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