Saint Mary's Cemetery

Location: Saint Mary's Cemetery is located in the northwest quarter of section 1, Aux Sable Township, Grundy County, Illinois. The cemetery is located on Ridge Road on the northern edge of Minooka, just south of Interstate 80.

Current Status: Active

Earliest Burials Recorded: 1848; 1860; Nov 16, 1862; 1866; Aug 6, 1871; Nov 30, 1879; 1881; Apr 8, 1883; 1887; and Mar 19, 1888.

Some of the bodies buried in St. Mary's Cemetery were removed from Dresden Cemetery. Thus it is difficult to determine precisely when St. Mary's Cemetery opened. Burial dates suggest the cemetery opened in late 1879.

Number Of Burials Recorded: 689

Latest Burial Recorded: 1997

Abbreviations: abt, about; cem rec., cemetery records; ng, not given; and nds, no dates.

The expression (45-10-23) indicates the age of the deceased at the time of their death in years, months, and days.

The expression (23-07-?) indicates the number of additional days was not indicated.
An asterisk after the cemetery code indicates compilers believe the person indicated was buried in this cemetery but do not have absolute proof to support their belief.

Microfilmed copies of the Kendall County Record (KCR) were reviewed for obituaries of people buried in the cemetery. A date in the obituary column indicates the issue of the KCR where an obituary or death notice may be found.

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