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2013-09-10 17:27:13-0500 CDT

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Posted by: Elmer Dickson

Welcome to the new home of my ILGenWeb Project/The USGenWeb Project site for Kendall County, Illinois:
Your host and County Coordinator, since 1997, Elmer Dickson

Why the change? Over the years, my old site (at had grown to over 1700 pages, making it difficult to maintain with the software that I was using. My son-in-law offered to move my site to a new web host that supports "open source" Content Management System software. This new environment should make it easier to manage a site of this size. The initial move was completed in September 2013.  Additional upgrades are in the works and should be available soon.         

Please update your browser bookmarks and web site links by changing "rootsweb" addresses to refer to the corresponding pages of the new site.  To make this transition easier, each page of the old site has been modified to automatically redirect visitors to the corresponding page on the new site.  But please note: the old site URLs will cease to function after a short transitional period.  

In addition to a new web hosting environment, we have made various improvements to give the site a more consistant look and make it easier to use and maintain:

  • All pages share a common header and footer.
  • All pages share a page layout that includes consistant primary navigational menus and links.
  • Each page has local navigational menus in a left sidebar to make it easier to move up and down the site's page hierarchy from the current page.
  • Many pages that originally contained large tables of data on the old site have been reorganized into browseable databases (example); this allowed many redundant pages to be removed without information loss.
  • The new database browser allows each visitor to sort the data display, "on demand", by clicking one of its sortable column header links.
  • A new image gallery facility is used to make viewing collections of images easier.
  • A full Site Map in now available to help navigate the site.
  • New web forms for submitting, updating or removing your Queries for Kendall County.

If there is any information that you were using on the old site that you can't find on the new site, please check the Site Map to see if it might have been moved.  If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can send a message using the new Contact page.

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