Description of Plattville in 1869

Published in the Kendall County Record, February 11, 1869
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

It is with pleasure I take upon myself the responsible position of your "Special correspondent from Plattville." I will do my best to fill the bill.

Plattville you will please remember is a village located about ten miles southeast of Yorkville. It is composed of dwelling houses, stores, blacksmith shops, barns cowsheds, pig pens, etc.; the most of which are inhabited.

There is a fine store owned by A. B. Platt & Company that does a thriving trade in the line of general merchandise. William Weese, proprietor of the blacksmith and wagon shop can make you anything from a steel pen to a locomotive. "Bill" is a good fellow. There is also Dr. Green, who is not green as a physician and is a good fellow generally. Doctor Bentley has given up the field entirely to him. Now, John, there is a good chance to try your skill. We have also a shoemaker, Mr. Addison, and in the same building a harness shop carried on by Mr. Rapleje and sons, formerly of Yorkville. We have a church, parsonage and a good preacher, who can preach a sound sermon or marry a good-looking couple. I believe I have mentioned every person of note except Squire Ricketson, and everyone knows him.

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