Martha Lewis 1910

Lived in Kendall County

By Andrew L. Brown

Published in the Kendall County Record July 20, 1910
Edited by Elmer Dickson

Mrs. Martha Lewis Dies in Denver: Martha Johnson was a native of Norway. Her father's name was Gunnar Johnson Okland. In childhood she lost her mother and became a member of the family of A. P. Brewster, on the farm in Fox Township, where Isaac Anderson now resides. Mr. Brewster was a Baptist and a first-class citizen. Between 1855 and 1857 Martha attended school at Fowler Institute in Newark, and boarded with the La Beau family in the house now occupied by Peter Osmond. The La Beaus moved to Texas in 1874. As a young lady, Martha Johnson's high character, mild disposition and winning ways made her many friends. She had dark curly hair and friendly blue eyes. On November 24, 1857, she was married to Henry H. Lewis of Newark, Rev. N. F. Ravlin, pastor of the Newark Baptist Church, officiating. The wedding took place at the Brewster home and C. N. Gridley of Millington says he remembers the occasion, as he was one of the guests. The man she married was the little constable, who, with the help of Porter C. Olson, succeeded in capturing the big harness maker, Smith, who had disturbed the peace and then defied arrest, a case well remembered by the older inhabitants of Newark. Mr. Lewis was a carpenter, and it is recalled that he built the house occupied by M. G. Hull, one the best houses in the village.

Mrs. Lewis saw Newark for the last time in 1885, when she came from Denver on a visit and attend the Fowler Institute reunion of that year. At Denver she was ever an attentive reader of the Kendall County Record, but regretted to notice as the years passed that old familiar names were disappearing from the news columns and new names appearing that were strange to her. From the fact that her picture appears in the Denver paper and from what is said in the obituary notice, we can see that she occupied a large place in the respect and esteem of the that community.

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