Sketch of Millington in December 1892

Published in the Kendall County Record, December 28, 1892
Edited & compiled by Elmer Dickson

    The year 1892, which is now almost ended, has been to Millington a season of prosperity and improvement. Let us look at some of the progress in business. Early in the spring the American Silica Sand Co. established a plant here. They built an extensive works with machinery of the latest improvement. When everything was completed and ready for business a disastrous fire came and swept away nearly all the buildings. They were, however, immediately rebuilt and put into operation. A few months later the works of the Millington White Sand Co. were also visited by the fire demon. The greater part of the works fell in ashes. Yet from the ruins was erected, for the fourth time, as durable a structure as any preceding it. The new structure contains sufficient apparatus to contend with fire, should it again occur. These works now, under able management, are doing a good business. Later in the summer a cement works was built. It now forms one of our leading industries where the Acme cement plaster is manufactured. In October the J. C. Carr Creamery Co. remodeled the old cheese factory building. They fit it up with required machinery and started in business. This year also gave Millington a place of business long needed, a first-class hardware store. Then the ladies know how much their sex appreciates the two new millinery establishments. We must not forget, either, our new grocery store, which has lately opened. There have also been extensive improvements on residences, quite a number having been entirely remodeled. Thus making them more pleasant and comfortable for the occupants as well as improving the general appearance of the town. Three new residences have also been added. As our population is increasing a greater number could, without difficulty, be occupied if built. Then last, but not least, they say we are to have electric lights. Over sixty have subscribed for electricity. These various improvements all date from 1892. We hope that the general spirit of business may be but the beginning of a progressive era, which shall be for the general good of all concerned. Signed: Marguerite.

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