Oswego in August 1866

Published in the Kendall County Record, August 30, 1866
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Last Friday afternoon we made a short call at Oswego, and found that it had improved greatly in business since we were last there. A good local trade is done in the village, and the people are alive to their interests and the interests of the town.

Our young friend, Levi H. Hall, the druggist was busily engaged in making neater an already neat store. The pride he shows in keeping everything in its place is very commendable. He has a large stock of drugs, as well as a fine collection of stationery and books. The Oswego folks should be proud of such a fine drug store, and give the your proprietor every encouragement in the way of a generous patronage. Across the way we saw the smiling face of Fred Coffin or, as he is much our senior, we should say F. Coffin, Esq. On crossing the street we found that he had a well appointed grocery store, and a goodly show of crockery on his shelves. He has been in business about a year, and has established a good trade already.

Mr. W. H. Hawley also has a store well stocked with groceries. Mr. G. H. Teller has the largest store in the village, and it is a fine one. He keeps dry goods, boots, shoes, groceries and general merchandise. Mr. O. H. Sherwood is an old dealer, and takes his share of the trade in the grocery line. In the shoe trade, Mr. Frederick Sierp, displays good taste and good leather in the manufacture of boots and shoes for ladies, gentlemen or children. Mr. Sierp has the reputation of being an excellent workman. There are also two other shoe stores, and a harness shop nearby. A neat looking meat market is also seen on Main Street. We saw a hardware store on that street, but did not have time to look in.

The people of Oswego are alive on the railroad question, and if all along the proposed route are as earnest in the matter as they are, the road will be built. Next Saturday a town meeting will be held to vote for or against the township of Oswego taking stock to the amount of $25,000 in the enterprise. Mr. Judson informed us that the town will surely vote the tax, as there are but half a dozen opposed to granting the appropriation.

We had a friendly chat with friend Rank, the postmaster, who is a cheerful fellow. Mr. Rank makes a good postmaster, and we hope the people of Oswego will endeavor to retain him.

Up a pair of stairs we found A. B. Smith, Esq., who protects the legal rights and wants of Oswegoeans. He is a good fellow in the main, barring some of his opinions, and can make a half-hour pass very pleasantly in chatting.

If the Fox River Railroad is built, Oswego will make one of the best points for a business town on the river. It has many advantages, which would soon be developed, and has splendid mill privileges along its riverfront. We wish them success as a village and as individuals.

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