Sketch of Millington in July 1875

A Sketch of Millington in July 1875

Published by the Kendall County Record, July 8, 1875
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

Having a little business down the road, we took the one o'clock freight train Thursday afternoon, and in a very short time found ourselves in Millington. Millington is anything but a lively town, in our opinion, and yet it is not entirely dead. We found some of the businessmen with plenty of business on hand and others with not as much.

Among those who were busy, was Joseph Jackson. Mr. Jackson is buying a large amount of wool this season, and the day we called he had just purchases a fine lot of Mr. Hollenback. The day before he had made a large shipment, and was fast filling his room up again. He is paying the highest price. Mr. Jackson will please accept our thanks for some valuable services, which he rendered to us.

During our short stay we called on Mr. Editor Hallowell. We found him fixing up his office and changing things around considerably. The millinery shop had moved out leaving him "monarch of all he surveyed." Hallowell has not given up the glass-factory yet, and he has hopes of other manufactories being started. He expects the narrow-gauge road by Christmas. He looks forward to a brilliant future for Millington.

Mr. Gunsul, at the Austin House, was busy making preparations for his 4th of July party. Now that the other hotel has closed up, we hope he will have lots of business.

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