Millington Business Directory in May 1875

Millington Business Directory in May 1875

Published in the Kendall County record, May 27, 1875
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

The Ladies' Emporium of Chicago has opened a store in Millington. The store occupies the same building as the printing office and post office. As ladies goods are a specialty, the establishment is just what has been needed here for a long time. Now ladies go right along and buy some of those beautiful head-dresses, ribbons, laces, silks, feathers, flowers and ten thousand other beautiful things both useful and ornamental never before dreamed of. At the same time they may subscribe to the Millington Enterprise, and Welcome Guest. They will then have something to improve the mind and adorn the person.

J. Sautter has established his boot and shoe shop next door to the post office and as he has the reputation of being the best workman in seventeen counties and great on fits, he ought to be encouraged.

Business again seems lively at the Woolen Factory, with large pieces of cloth and a good deal of yarn hanging out to dry daily. The factory requires quite a force of hands to do the work. Several of our citizens find employment in the factory.

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