Millbrook Business Directory April 1875

Millbrook in April 1875

From Millbrook Illinois
Special Correspondence of the Inter-Ocean
Published in the Kendall County Record, April 29, 1875.
Edited and compiled by Elmer Dickson

We have a brand-new town here on the Fox River branch of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy road, 57 miles from Chicago. Millington, our nearest neighbor on the south, is older than our place, and somewhat ahead of us in other respects. We may never overtake her, but we mean to try. The Millbrook Manufacturing Company is fairly in operation, using a dozen men or more in making the corn cultivator known as the "Messenger Gopher," the champion of sulky plows. Crumb and English, at the foundry, make three sizes of the so-called Dakota stove and numerous other articles. J. B. Sherman & Company of Chicago press the hay here, which they use, at the stockyards. As yet we have but two stores, the general variety store of Budd and Washburn, and the drug store of J. B. Littlewood, our postmaster. We have a harness shop, hotel and church. There is room for other mechanics, and they will soon be greatly needed.

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